Terms & Conditions

for the utilisation of digital services of YOUPERS Inc. (version: February 2015)


YOUPERS provides an Internet-based network connecting a variety of information and tools (collectively “Services”). These Services include any updates, enhancements new features and/or any subsequently websites and are object of these terms of use.
These Terms of use cover the relationship between you as a user of this website and YOUPERS as the provider of this website about the services provided via this website. For specific services, special terms of use are applicable for example if this has been agreed on separately, by registration of for a certain web services.

The special terms of use will take precedence over these terms of use. YOUPERS reserves the right to change these terms of use at any time without stating reasons. The most current version of these terms of use can be found at the “Terms of Use” hypertext link, located at the bottom of the Portal web pages.

Private Space and Personal Data Protection

Your privacy is very important for us. We treat all company and personal data absolutely confidential. YOUPERS keeps in the storage and processing of your information strictly to the Data Protection Act and the data protection regulation. YOUPERS does not sell or rent personal information to third parties.


YOUPERS works closely with service providers which have a high standard of quality and safety. All data will be saved in Switzerland. Also your data are transmitted in an encrypted form between Web browsers and servers.

Registration and Account Security

As a user, please include your right name and data. You are entitled to use a personal account. Please keep the contact information that you provide to our site accurate and up-to-date and choose a strong password, which you must not pass on to anyone else.

Liability Limit

We are engaged in operating the digital services safely and reliably. You may use our services at your own risk. YOUPERS does not accept any liability for the uninterrupted accessibility of the service, for the misconduct of a third party or for an error in the case of force majeure. YOUPERS does not have any control over information which is stored on external servers and servers with public access.
Correspondingly, YOUPERS assumes no responsibility of the access and the content of any third-party Internet sites, whose URL is referred to on our site. Information shown on the websites of our services is subject to alteration at any time. We do not guarantee that the information is complete, accurate or current even if the information has been gathered with due diligence and care from sources that were considered trustworthy. The use of this information takes place at the risk of the visitors. We close any adhesion for damage, which develops directly or indirectly from the use of these Website, out, as far as these are not based on resolution or rough negligence.


Information, accessible on our services is protected by copyrights. The commercial utilisation of such information is only admissible with the author’s consent.