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Do you know about our Partner Model?


As an employer you want healthy and productive employees. You’re not the only one: companies that insure your employees have a legitimate interest that they stay healthy and that sickness and accident-related costs remain as low as possible.


With this in mind insurance companies support and encourage health promotion at the working place and YouPers established a partnership with different insurance companies: a win-win solution.

Insurance companies recommend the HealthCampaign service to their insured corporate clients and in return, YouPers gives them a 50% discount on all carried out campaigns.


How can you benefit from this 50% discount?


As partners of YouPers, insurance companies get a promotion code that they pass on to their insured corporate clients. This means that YouPers customers can also use this promotion code when purchasing a HealthCampaign and immediately receive a discount of 50%!


You don’t have a promotion code yet?


Contact your insurance company and ask for your discount code. If the insurance company is not yet registered as a YouPers market partner, bring our HealthCampaign offer to your insurance company’s attention and send the person in charge the link to our landing page We will take care of the rest in no time. We look forward to you!