A three-level concept

YouPers takes special care of your personal information

To ensure protection of your data, we store the HealthCampaign user data in 3 privacy-specific levels.

Community Space

Privacy Level 1

Participation in the digital HealthCampaign is public, like in traditional campaigns. The name and picture of the participant are therefore visible to the other participants and so are the Campaign Leader’s messages, activity recommendations and information to public group activities.

Restricted Space

Privacy Level 2

Personal invitations to group activities, including approvals and declines as well as the comments of the participants are visible only within a user-defined group of participants.

Private Space

Privacy Level 3

In the user’s private space, all data is kept strictly confidential. This particularly includes the profile information, the self-assessment data, the data for personal activities and feedback on completed activities.

The employer doesn’t have in any way access to sensitive user data. For each campaign, automated reports are created, which only gives information about the “health status” and the completed activities. These aggregated data and anonymous evaluations are only made available with a minimum of 10 Campaign Participants.