Implementation of a Vision

The Challenges of the Employer



87% of employees have little or no emotional attachment to their employer and are therefore less productive. (Source: Gallup poll in 2013 in 142 countries)



77% of employees regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress at work (Source: World Health Organization).



73% of employees regularly suffer psychological symptoms caused by stress at work (Source: World Health Organization).

The answer: Establish a Healthy Community!

HealthCampaign is the perfect tool to create a healthy employee community. The software follows the scientifically proven principle of behavioural change in small steps. Based on the employee’s self-assessment a specific need for action is identified, which the “digital coach” translates into customised activity suggestions. These activities can be easily integrated into the daily work and leisure time – at no additional cost to the employer.

Similar to common social media platforms, participants have at their disposal a simple tool for team communication and to manage their “health agenda”. HealthCampaign particularly supports group activities and direct exchanges between participants as well as with the campaign leader – short mails rather than long meetings!

Communication platform – personal Invitations and Recommendations

“The health of our employees is very important to us.

With HealthCampaign we want to strengthen their resources.”

A tool-based Health Promotion Service

With the HealthCampaign service, YouPers has redefined corporate health promotion. HealthCampaign can be ordered and started anytime, anywhere and directly on the Internet. We ensure performance of our system and protection of your personal data.

Build Healthy Communities

All you need is to do the first step, that’s all! Different programs of HealthCampaigns are ready-to-use online. Decide who leads the campaign and the Campaign Leader will motivate your employees to participate. Once enrolled, the staff takes control!

Our tip: Create a specific campaign for each department or employee team. It is better adapted to each workplace’s specific needs and it promotes healthy exchanges in the team.  Visit our Shop to order several small campaigns!

As a company you can make a change and offer your employees optimal working conditions. A improved Work-Life Balance is at reach and right in their hands!

Simple Digital Assistance

To minimise your administrative burden, we accompany you with a continuous digital support in two steps:

the Service Distribution (Choose & Order) and the Service Operation (HealthCampaign Perform):

Process efficiency – Digital support from ordering to execution and completion.

Service Distribution

Select your program in the shop with a single click from the HealthCampaign landing page. 

For larger organizations, we recommend to plan several smaller campaigns specifically adapted to each department or employee team.

Purchases can be paid directly by credit card or in advance by invoice. Once you have received your activation key by email, just click on the link to activate the application and start!

Service Operation

You don’t need any training to use a HealthCampaign. The user-friendly “Digital Coach” assists you all along with guidance and tips.


The HealthCampaign’s users fall into one of these 3 groups: the company ”Service Manager”, the ”Campaign Leader” and the “Campaign Participant”.

“By organising digitally assisted health campaigns, employers are actively more aware that they can take part in improving their employee’s health. “

Tailored Information for each Role

Every HealthCampaign user has at his/her disposal a  information: the role-tailored “Learn More” pages and the FAQ.

HealthCampaign Roles

The Service Manager

In just a few steps, the Service Manager enters the company information and starts the campaign. Besides, he decides to take on the role as Campaign Leader or to delegate this role to another person.

Upon the campaign’s completion, the Service Manager receives aggregated/anonymized reports about campaign results and online surveys. This provides a clear evaluation of the effectiveness of the completed HealthCampaign as well as valuable information for the planning of future ones (e.g. another health program).

The Campaign Leader

The Campaign Leader is supporting the campaign and therefore jointly responsible for the successful implementation.

At the beginning, the Campaign Leader invites the employees and motivates them to join the “healthy community”. Besides he takes part in the campaign itself and observes their course.

If necessary, he motivates the Campaign Participants with encouraging words, relevant references and new published activities.

The Campaign Participant

The company employee receives an email invitation to participate to the HealthCampaign and can join it with a simple click.

It is the employee’s choice whether to join or not the web-based HealthCampaign. Campaign Participants choose to which campaign activities they  participate or which activity recommendations they schedule and perform.

With a daily mail the user receives an overview of its progress and day’s planned activities. Moreover he or she gets inspired for new ones to be planned. A simple feedback function helps the Campaign Participants to reflect the health-related behaviour.

HealthCampaign Leader Overview

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