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You are conducting a web-based Health Campaign. Congratulations!

You will find here the most important information about your role as Service Manager.
Please check also the application for the information from the Digital Coach and the FAQ pages.

As HealthCampaign Service Manager you have the overview and control on all of your organisation’s digital health campaigns.

You are the person in charge for the implementation of campaigns in your company. Moreover you choose the people who will take the role of Campaign Leader for each individual campaigns. Of course you may also fulfil this role yourself.

The Campaign Leader is responsible for inviting employees to participate and for the active support of the campaign.

What the Service Manager has to do

1. Register

  1. Start the web application by clicking on the link in the email “HealthCampaign – Service Activation”.
  2. Enter the name of your organisation, your name, your e-mail address and password. With this information we create your personal account , which you authenticates you as Service Manager for your organisation. You can loggout at any time and log back in any time in the application with your email and password.

  3. Read and accept the Terms of Use.

  4. Click on “Register”.

2. Verify E-Mail

  1. Open the confirmation email and click on the link .

  2. Click on ” Next ” in the  current page and to complete the process.

  3. If you have not received a confirmation e-mail: follow the instructions on the current page.

3. Enter information about the organisation

  1. Enter the remaining information about your organisation
  2. Fill in the details on you as a contact person

  3. Click on Save to complete this operation

4. Create Campaign

  1. On the main page, click “NEW CAMPAIGN +”.
  2. Select the Health Programme according to your purchase and you will land on the “Create Campaign” page.

  3. Define the group of people (e.g. employees of the Department of Finance), the location (e.g. industrial building 4) and the location of the campaign.

  4. Fix the start date of the campaign. We recommend to start the campaign on a Monday, the system will suggest the appropriate start date.

  5. Fix the end date. We recommend a campaign period of four weeks and to finish the campaign on a Friday.

  6. Enter your activation code (this was sent to you in the YouPers Email “HealthCampaign – Service Activation”).

  7. Confirm if you want to take the role of Campaign Leader (checkbox next to your name) or invite someone to take this role by clicking “Invite new Campaign Leader”.

  8. Save your entries.

  9. The new Campaign Leader will receive an automatic invitation to become Campaign Leader and will take over the process of the Health Campaign.

5. View Campaign

  1. Click on “Campaign list” and you get an overview of all your campaigns, including the Information Status (for example, to see if the Campaign Leader has already accepted your invitation). There is also a link to edit your campaign information.

  2. Click on “Start campaign” and you can follow campaign preparation of the Campaign Leader (e.g. all steps marked “checked”)

  3. Click on “Campaign progress” and you find information about the ongoing campaign (number of participants, number of activities, etc.).

  4. Upon completion of the campaign, click on “End of campaign” and you find various results (evaluation of the problem areas, taken actions according to the self-assessments, total number of carried out campaign activities, evaluation of the activities , most popular activities, etc.).

6. View feedbacks from Campaign Leader and Participants

At the end of the campaign you will receive an E-Mail from YouPers with these reports:

Feedback from the Campaign Leader

Feedback from the Campaign Participants

Check the results of these surveys, as you will find valuable information for the planning of your next HealthCampaigns .