Campaign Participant

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You have received an invitation to participate in a web-based Health Campaign.

Thank you for your interest and welcome!

You will find here the most important information about your role as Campaign Participant.
Please check also the application for the information from the Digital Coach and the FAQ pages.

HealthCampaign is an innovative, web-based tool for promoting “healthy living and working”. Employees take part in a temporary campaign and are motivated with simple tips on healthy behaviour.


A HealthCampaign usually takes four working weeks and includes a group of people, like the employees of a given company department or location. We call it “working group”.


Each HealthCampaign focuses on a specific health program: Stress, Fitness , Nutrition, Ergonomics and Safety.


The Campaign Leader (a colleague or colleagues at the same location) invites the Campaign Participants. This gives them access to a health platform where they get recommendations and invitations to healthy activities. Most activities can be carried out directly at the workplace, alone or in a group. Let’s do it!

The aim of the campaign is to sensitise the participants to a given health topic and to motivate them to adopt a better health behaviour with a team-oriented approach.

Participation in the digital HealthCampaign is public.

This means that both the Campaign Leader as well as the Campaign Participants can see who participates in the HealthCampaign. This allows each participant to invite other participants to a group activity and to collect relevant comments.

The personal information is private and protected.

This means that the self-assessment, personal activities and profile data cannot be viewed by the employer nor by any other campaign participants.

The application Digital Coach assists the Campaign Participant with valuable tips and recommendations.

Upon wish, the Digital Coach sends the Campaign Participant a personalised daily email with upcoming activities, recommendations and invitations.

At the end of the campaign:

The Campaign Participant receives a personal evaluation, to which he/she can add his/her personal feedback in an anonymised online survey. The employer receives an aggregated and anonymised campaign evaluation (only if at least 10 people participated) and an anonymous feedback from the online survey.

What the Campaign Participant has to do

1. Register

  1. Start the web application by clicking on the link in the email “HealthCampaign – Campaign Participants Invitation”.
  2. Click “Join” on the Start page if you wish to participate in the HealthCampaign.
  3. Enter your name, E-Mail address and password on the registration page. With this information your personal account is created and protected from any unauthorised access. You can logout of the application at any time and log back in with your email address and password.
  4. Please read and accept the Terms of Service.a
  5. Click on “Register ” to complete.

2. Verify E-Mail

  1. Open the confirmation E-Mail and click on the link to confirm.
  2. If your email address was confirmed, click on “Next” in the application’s current page to complete the process.
  3. If you didn’t receive the email, follow the the instructions on the application’s current page.

3. Take part in the campaign

  1. As first step take the short Self-Assessment, so that you the Digital Coach can recommend you daily a health activity tailored to your personal health situation.
  2. Look at your daily mail to see what are your planned activities and new inspirations for healthy activities. We recommend you to create several group activities and invite other campaign participants to join you.Tip: you can browse the library at any time to find a suitable activity for you (click on the ”Browse Library” card). Be creative and set-up your own activity by clicking “Create Activity”).
  3. Keep track of the confirmations and cancellations, read the comments on your group activity and write your own comment.
  4. Check your Daily Mail to see what are your planned activities planned and inspirations for healthy activities. We recommend you to create several group activities and invite other campaign participants to join you.Tip: the Daily Mail option can be disabled in your Profile Settings.
  5. If you have carried out a planned activity, confirm that you’ve done it and rate how you liked it. You can do this on the main page by click on the appropriate activity card. On the activity’s detail page, select the corresponding activity card, and check “Done” (or “X” if you missed it).

4. Look back at the completed campaign

  1. Take another look at how you took action based on your self-assessment

  2. Look at the statistics on your health activities during the campaign

  3. Send a feedback on the campaign to your organisation  by taking part in the short online survey