Campaign Leader

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Your were chosen by the Service Manager to be Campaign Leader.

Congratulations and welcome!

You will find here the most important information about your role as Campaign Leader.
Please check also the application for the information from the Digital Coach and the FAQ pages.

As Campaign Leader, you play a crucial role in building the “health community”. Invite the Campaign Participants and motivate them to get involved.

During the campaign you are a model for the other participants and an active member. You follow the ongoing activities and if needed, take active part yourself.

Create your own activities and invite Campaign Participants to join! Your motivational communication significantly contributes to the campaign participation.

What the Campaign Leader has to do

1. Register

  1. Start the web application by clicking on the link in the email “HealthCampaign – Invitation to Campaign Leader”

  2. Choose a password, enter it twice.

  3. Read and accept the Terms of Use.
  4. Click on “Next”. You can now logout at any time and log back in with your e-mail address and password.

2. Start Campaign in 2 Steps

Step 1: Complete Campaign Card


  1. Here is the campaign card that the participants will see. Start completing the information by uploading your profile picture (click “Upload Profile Photo”), so that the participants will recognise you right away.
  2. Click “Customise Campaign Information” and complete the provisory campaign card that the Service Manager created for you. You see how the Campaign card adapts to the changes you make. When you are done, click “Save” and move on to the next step.

Step 2: Send invitations


  1. Design the e-mail invitation to the employees.
  2. Click on “Design email”. You will receive an e-mail for the customisation of your invitation. Send it first to yourself to check that the links work.
  3. Send this email invitation to all employees on the campaign start date or shortly before.

Tip: As Campaign Leader, you are also participating in the campaign. You can switch to the “Participant” role in the top menu by clicking on “Participants”. Here you view how the Campaign is displayed to the Campaign Participants. You can switch back to the Campaign Leader view at any time (click “Campaign Manager”).

3. Accompany Campaign

Campaign Progress


  1. Here you see how many participants have registered and if they are actively participating in the campaign (the number of activity sessions per day is displayed).
  2. Check the Campaign Statistics daily.

Tip: At the beginning of the campaign especially, check whether the employees have registered to participate according to your expectations. If not, be proactive and send your invitation again as a reminder.



  1. You can communicate to all Campaign Participants by writing them messages in the “Messages” section. Create a message and define in advance the publication date and duration.
  2. Click “Save” and your message will be released for publication. You can edit or delete your message at any time.

Tip:  Welcome the participants to the HealthCampaign with a greeting from the Campaign Leader.



  1. Under “Activities” your recommendations and activity events will be displayed. Browse the Library for ideas to plan an event or to make activity recommendations to the participants. You also have the possibility to create your own tailored activity.
  2. You can access all past events and recommendations by clicking on the option “Show Past”.
  3. Follow the process of joining /declining an activity offer and the comments written on your activit events. Write yourself a comment and answer comments personally.

Tip: Write messages to participants and motivate them to participate in the activities. Suggest them to invite other Campaign Participants to group activities.

4. End Campaign

  1. A few days before the end of the campaign, publish a message in which you say thank you to the participants for taking active part in the campaign and invite them to complete the short anonymous online survey

  2. Upon campaign completion, check the anonymous statistics about the health situation of the employees (this needs a minimum of 10 participants) and what activities they carried out. It gives you a precious insight on your organisation’s health problem areas and what were your employees’ most popular health activities.

  3. Take the time to answer the short online survey and share with your organisation your anonymous feedback about the HealthCampaign service.