Healthy Companies are Smart Companies - HealthCampaign
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What is a HealthCampaign?

Innovative companies offer their employees 5 Health-minutes daily

Choose your Program!

HealthCampaign STRESS
Reduce the psychological stress with simple activities, thus lowering stress-related health risks.
Simple physical activities foster performance and concentration and prevent diseases.
A healthy diet improves physical and mental performance and reduces diet-related health risks.
A few ergonomic measures promote well-being at work and prevent future physical injuries.
Increase safety at work and during leisure time with easily performable measures.

Employees recognize their need for action and receive valuable tips for a conscious behavior change. The app supports users during their activities and fosters exchange and cooperation within the community.

Pricing Plans

  • Standard

  • EUR40
  • per Participant


    (CHF 50 / Participant)


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